What can a BuddhaBooth do for your well-being?

The importance of self-care and how a BuddhaBooth helps promote sensory balance in the home
BuddhaBooth is acoustically insulated and is designed to alleviate sensory overload. When people experience a rest of their senses, there are many neurological benefits that start to happen in as little as 5 minutes.
How a BuddhaBooth can help with Autistic/behaviorally challenged children
5 Reasons to buy a BuddhaBooth for your house
A sensory-safe place of solitude
BuddhaBooth is portable and can be located to different places around the house, indoors or out
Large enough to have a caregiver accompany the child

custom design available upon request

email: francine@buddhabooth.com

ForĀ  bespoke units visit our BuddhaBooth Store
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