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A Safe, Quiet Space
For Students & Staff

Portable quiet spaces designed to promote mental wellness , build self-awareness, and foster mindful moments for the entire school community.

Custom tailored wellness solutions for any space

Work with us to build an experience that reflects your schools’ aesthetic and values, while delivering the most personal and effective experience for your students & staff.

Booth Collection

Our mindfulness booths provide private, and peaceful respites from noisy public spaces.

  • Portable
  • Soundproof
  • Customizable
Wellness Rooms

Our wellness rooms offer a more communal experience, perfect for larger groups or combined activities.

  • Creative Themes
  • Customized for any space
  • Perfect for Schools
Guided Workshops

Our professionally-led workshops can be held in any space within your facilities - or remotley on Zoom.

  • Tailored for any age
  • Scalable to any size
  • Remote or on-site
Supportive Materials

Our supplementary materials are designed to fit your school’s world view and your students unique needs.

  • Custom Meditions
  • Coloring Books
  • Activies & More...

Used by over 100 NYC Schools

Proud to be the #1 provider of wellness spaces for NYC Schools

JHS 185 Edward Bleeker

Theresa Mshar

We love our BuddhaBooth! We have such a great time - Our children know it's there as a place to have a calm moment to get centered and ready to work. The children who are mindful and use the booth definitely have a better wellbeing and understand how to refocus themselves in order to happy and ready to learn.

PS22 Graniteville

Melissa Donnath

We love our BuddhaBooth because it offers our students a safe space to be. We felt it was a bonus to our strong SEL and mindfulness program. The children and adults use it to collect their thoughts and come out refreshed.

Academy For Independent Learning And Leadership

Justine LaBarbera

We're really excited to have our BuddhaBooth - we use it for parent engagement activities, student deescalations and as an overall brain break. It's a great resource for our staff as well. Having a booth in our school has been very instrumental.

MS129 - Bronx, NY

Jason Reyes

We treat our scholars like royalty so having the BuddhaBooths available to them makes them feel like they are in command of their own mental wellness. They can take a moment in the booth anytime they need a break with full support from our staff and student success leaders. Overall it's helped transform our community and create trust between staff and students. And our many of our staff members find it very helpful to start their day with a few minutes of calm in the booth.

Join over 100 NYC Schools and more than 5000 Students and Staff experiencing wellness provided by buddhabooth

Working with elemetary, middle, high, and specialty schools across the five boroughs and beyond.


Dedicated Wellness Spaces

to Nurture Mind and Body

We design wellness rooms for large and small groups, custom crafted to meet your specific needs.


Hosted Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops

For Students and Staff

Empower Your Staff and Students with Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops

Digital +Fully customized digital experiences to enhance your space.Curated to create a perfect wellness atmosphere, accesible from anywhere.

Wellness Inside


Our mission is to bring the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of mindfulness into educational environments nationwide.

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