Transforming Education

Through Wellness

We create spaces where students and teachers can find peace, focus, and rejuvenation.

Mindful Spaces for Students

Students are more overwhelmed and anxious than ever before, affecting their social & emotional wellness and reducing their academic potential.

  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Reduced behavioral issues
  • Increased self-regulation
  • Helps develop self-discipline
  • Increases personal goal setting
  • Promotion of social emotional well being
  • Improved working memory
  • Extended attention span
  • Higher test scores
  • Boosted academic achievement

Teachers & Staff
deserve the best too

Research shows that 15 minutes of meditation per day can givea 50 year old the brain of a 25 year old!

Wellness for your Staff

Instead of a Time Out, take a Time In

Your Centering Escape Within Reach

  • Improves attuned communication
  • Empowers emotional balance
  • Enhances response flexibility
  • Fosters mood and emotional intelligence
  • Neurological benefits in minutes
  • Boosts creativity
  • Alleviates the senses
  • Creates restored focus and increased productivity
  • Alleviates burnout
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases happiness and optimism
  • Allows for self-care anywhere

Our mission is to bring the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of mindfulness into educational environments nationwide.

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