Hosted Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops

Empowering Students & Staff Alike

We offer a vareity of Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops, tailored for the needs of both Students and Staff. Custom curiculum can also be designed to meet your unique needs.

Yourself to the Rescue

Wellness practices for self-care including mini mindful moments, body scan meditation, and breathing exercises.

Body Mind Connection

Movement and meditation focused on self-healing including chair yoga and visualization exercises.

Emerging from Uncertainty

Self-care practices include mindful compassion and a resilience toolkit to help cope with uncertainty and life challenges.


Set your intentions for the future and embark on a journey of self-care, self- discovery, and personal growth.

Mindfulness 101

Introduction to Mindfulness concepts and various practice styles. Learn how the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness can improve your health, reduce your anxiety, and bring more happiness and overall contentment into your life.

Inspirational Writing and Art

Transform blank paper into a story with guided mindful writing, painting, and drawing. Reduce stress and bring colorful and joy into your life with science-backed practices.

Mindful Teaching Support

Classroom visits and collaborative planning sessions to help teachers integrate mindfulness into their teaching practice for student and personal wellness.

Half-Day Self-Care Retreat

A three-hour experience designed for educators, combining self-care with practical classroom tools. Experience mindfulness, compassion practices, and mindful movement, sound healing and aromatherapy for relaxation and restoration."

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Our mission is to bring the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of mindfulness into educational environments nationwide.

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