Custom Designed Wellness Rooms

Built to fit your space and budget

Create the ideal sensory space for your unique environment. Our wellness rooms are personalized to reimagine education, therapy, and collaboration.

Ocean theme at NYC PS4

Creative themes transport elementary and middle school students to imaginative environments that spark their creativity and create the conditions for calm and focus.

Private & Group Spaces

With the inclusion of private booths within a larger wellness space, individuals are provided with resources to practice mindfulness and emotional regulation in thier preferred element.

Age-Specific Design

Sensory items and activites are specially curated for your target age group or demographic, such as elementary or middle school students and staff.

Any Space, Any Budget

Our design team can develop a wellness room out of any space and meeting any budget, while remaining mindful of the sensory needs and support of all users.

Experience More

Our digital experience packages help integrate wellness practices and sensory supports into any space, and even allow students and teachers to access wellness resources from home.


Our mission is to bring the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of mindfulness into educational environments nationwide.

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