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Our portable booths offer a quiet and comfortable retreat space that can be customized to fit any school's needs.

The buddhabooth collection

Providing a restorative environment as a support tool to alleviate sensory overload and incorporate regular mindfulness for staff and students alike.

  • Alleviates sensory overload
  • Develops self-awareness
  • Promotes self-regulation
  • Enhances overall wellbeing
  • Supports inclusive classroom education
  • Aligns with SEL framework

A Focus enhancing,
portable escape.

Our products and services provide clinically-proven benefits to people of all ages. With benefits ranging from enhanced productivity, neurological activity, and life satisfaction – with just a few minutes of use.

Empower your community

Our quiet spaces are designed to promote mental wellness, build self-awareness, and foster mindful moments for the entire school community.


Made to be a
portable solution.

Portable, Modular Design

Buddhabooth’s modular design allows for easy installation and customization. We hand-make each booth in New York and provide custom colors, branding and accesories.


  • Four piece modular design
  • Five minute assembly
  • Handmade in NY
  • Custom colors & branding
  • Custom quiet curtains
  • Plush 4’ x 6’ rug
  • Bench seating for two
booth image

Three models to
suite any environment

With custom paint, uplholstery, and branding options, we've got the perfect booth to enhance your space.


  • Dimensions
  • 59”W x 43”D x 84”H
  • Pricing
  • Starting at $7,295


  • Dimensions
  • 54”W x 43”D x 84”H
  • Pricing
  • Starting at $6,495


  • Dimensions
  • 44”W x 44”D x 86”H
  • Pricing
  • Starting at $4,995
Digital +Fully customized digital experiences to enhance your space.Curated to create a perfect wellness atmosphere, accesible from anywhere.

Wellness Inside


Our mission is to bring the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of mindfulness into educational environments nationwide.

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