BuddhaBooth at TNWNYC

By : Amanda Alves   /  

BuddhaBooth at TNWNYC

During #tnwnyc our favorite CEO, Francine of #BuddhaBooth, hung out with #Buffer COO, Leo Widrich, to talk about calm quiet spaces and meditation. Turns out Leo just launched his own quiet space, #BalancedNYC!

Balanced is a meditation, co-working space for people who care about community, mindfulness and doing interesting work. Members come together in a large cozy loft, hang out, tell stories and meet like-minded people. They have intimate, invite-only dinners, community meditation and yoga, story-telling events/lectures, and retreats to reconnect with nature and reflect. It seams Balanced NYC is doing its part to help you #ClaimYourCalm.

If you feel this is the right place for you, contact them via email at


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