What can a BuddhaBooth do for your company?

BuddhaBooth in a corporate environment shows a commitment to the overall wellness of employees. It demonstrates that the company is keeping up with modern times and understands that providing people with a place to relax, reset, and gain clarity will ultimately impact the bottom line.

BuddhaBooth gives employees a safe space to just “be”. It’s a place to refocus, re-center and prepare to tackle more tasks with a fresh perspective. The BuddhaBooth experience – and just knowing it’s there- is a mental parachute when stress or overwhelming situations arise.

  1. Gives them a safe place to take a private break or meditate which is proven to make people happy and productive
  2. Allows them to stay in the building to have their meditative space, saving them time and money
  3. Aesthetically pleasing- adding an artistic furniture element
  4. BuddhaBooth can inspire employees to try something new
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