<h2>What can a BuddhaBooth do for your event?</h2>
BuddhaBooth is a multi-faceted perk for events. It provides a quiet space to sit alone- or with a friend or colleague in the midst of loud and crowded environment. <br /><br />BuddhaBooth is visually appealing and draws people in. It is a way to externally engage guests in group photo taking and social media postings. <br />BuddhaBooth can serve as a private nursing suite for mothers and their babies<br />BuddhaBooth can be used for VIP/Speaker/performer privacy and a place to center prior to taking the stage<br /><br />5 ways a BuddhaBooth can help create a great event<br />
<li>Visual stimulation, especially when there’s more than one</li>
<li>Unique and new concept generating curiosity</li>
<li>A space for guests to rest</li>
<li>A place for a phone call</li>
<li>A place for nursing mothers</li>
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