What can a BuddhaBooth do for your event?

BuddhaBooth is a multi-faceted perk for events.
It provides a quiet space to sit alone- or with a friend or colleague in the midst of loud and crowded environment.
We integrate private meditative spaces into active environments ranging from conferences and trade shows to music festivals and experiential product launches.
BuddhaBooths are quiet spaces for noisy places and can bring solace and enjoyment to your production crew, talent, or guests at any event.  In addition to our fully custom units, we have an existing line of units for sale or rental, all of which can be upgraded to include various sound, lighting, or a special immersive experience.


BuddhaBooths are portable, lightweight and have easy-to-use hardware for ease of installation. The interior is acoustically padded & luxuriously upholstered. Options include curtains made with acoustical panels to block out noise.  Seating options include a custom ottoman or bench, bean-bag or floor cushions.
BuddhaBooth is visually appealing and draws people in. It is a way to externally engage guests in group photo taking and social media postings.
BuddhaBooth can serve as a private nursing suite for mothers and their babies. BuddhaBooth can be used for VIP/Speaker/performer privacy and a place to center prior to taking the stage.
5 ways a BuddhaBooth can help create a great event:
1. Visual stimulation, especially when there’s more than one
2. Unique and new concept generating curiosity
3. A space for guests to rest
4. A place for a phone call
5. A place for nursing mothers


For BuddhaBooth Event leasing available upon request email

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