BuddhaBooth® Lotus Booth

BuddhaBooth® Lotus Booth

BuddhaBooth® is a tranquil quiet space to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit in the midst of open and busy environments. 

BuddhaBooths are virtually soundproof, sensory safe, and portable, offering solace to those in need amid the chaos to meditate, reflect, re-center, re-calibrate, etc.   

The interior of our Lotus booth is acoustically padded and luxuriously upholstered with soft, durable textiles to coordinate with your personal decor.

Curtains made with acoustical panels to block out noise from the outside environment.

Seating options include a custom ottoman or bench, bean bag style seating or custom floor cushions


  • Figured Curve made from Birch, Bamboo, Paperstone*,  or Ecor**
  • Natural, Stain, Pearl or Metallic paint finish
  • Two section “Split Design”  for ease of portability
  • Vented back panel with two grates
  • Rear exterior handles and casters for easy movement and positioning
  • W: 59” D: 42” H: 88”
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